long traditions –
mass production

By the way: We’ve been around since 1946.

Hohenzollern Castle:
150 years old.

40 km to Richard Weiss:
2,500,000 precision
turned parts every day.

far-reaching possibilities –
mass production

By the way, we serve a wide range of industries and requirements.

Upper Danube Nature Park:
3,500,000 meters
of hiking trails.

18 km to Richard Weiss:
2,500,000 precision
turned parts every day.


By the way, we focus on transparency and long-term customer relationships.

295,000 meters
of view.

10 km to Richard Weiss:
2,500,000 precision
turned parts every day.

Richard Weiss is headquartered in Egesheim, Baden-Wurttemberg



Around 300 dedicated employees, 150 CNC single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes, efficient processes - as a specialist for precision turned parts in high volumes, we’ve made a good name for ourselves. Find out more about Richard Weiss! Find out all about the family-owned company, the solution partner, the most important facts at a glance, and our company’s down-to-earth Swabian history ever since 1946.

Long traditions, mass production: Why are we a versatile, high-performance partner especially for high-volume turned parts? You’ll see – black on white and white on black!

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For automotive applications - automotive turned parts by Richard Weiss



With us the lights are always green!

Renowned automakers have relied on mass-produced automotive turned parts from Richard Weiss for decades now. The spectrum ranges from screw necks for turbocharger connections to housing tips in automotive electronics, and from retaining screws as safety components in brake lines all the way to sensor housings.

Automotive turned parts by Richard Weiss are traveling numerous roads worldwide!

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For mechanical engineering applications - turned parts by Richard Weiss



With us it’s full speed ahead!

Screw-in pieces for pneumatics, switch and valve bodies for control technology, cap nuts for sensor technology, bearing blocks as safety components for ball bearing support – components by Richard Weiss perform important services in many different ways - for example, in hydraulic applications, as screw connections for oil or hydraulic lines. Richard Weiss mechanical engineering parts enhance efficiency and safety in many machines, systems and components!

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Quality inspection and assurance for precision turned parts using state-of-the-art processes



With us you’re always well supplied!

In addition to automotive turned parts and mechanical engineering turned parts, we have traditionally served a wide range of industries. We produce spindles for fittings, threaded bushings and bearing pins for fittings or cap sleeves for electronic plug connectors. Our turned parts are also a component of successful products in medical technology, the music industry and many other sectors.

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Your contact
to Richard Weiss 

Richard Weiss Drehteilewerk GmbH & Co.KG Industriestrasse 4 78592 Egesheim, Germany Phone: 07429 / 393 - 0 Fax: 07429 / 714 or 2818 E-Mail: mail@richard-weiss.de